Gaucho Sheep & Leather Products, Inc. is a leading manufacturer, importer and wholesaler of cowhide and sheepskin home décor and gift products. Our commitment to quality and competitive prices have allowed us to grow from a Mom & Pop operation into the vertically-integrated company we are today. We design and manufacture our own line of cowhide items, including our unique line of turquoise and red splashed (acid-washed) products as seen below. We are continuing to grow and improve our product line and customer base, as we are constantly seeking inspiration for new products and innovations.

We always look forward to meeting new people and establishing lasting business relationships.

Our history: Gaucho was established in Long Beach, CA in 1988 in the garage of Ernani and Virginia Dorr. They started with sheepskin seat covers and slowly expanded into the area of hair-on cowhide and sheepskin rugs. Over time, as the business expanded, the variety of products had to increase to meet the changing demands of the marketplace. The introduction of sheepskin and cowhide gift items was instrumental to the continued growth of the company.

In 2003, Gaucho opened its own tannery and manufacturing plant in Brazil. This allowed Gaucho to directly control both the quality of its initial inputs as well as the quality of the manufacturing process, while continuing to maintain its highly competitive prices. It also allowed for the efficient design of new and innovative products, which have become a major source of interest and attention for the company.

Today, Gaucho is proud to be a major supplier of iconic American Western and Southwestern cowhide home décor accessories and gift items.